Welcome to your child's first classroom!

We provide your children with a first-class early development education. We focus on children ages from 6 weeks to Pre-K.

Our center's philosophy is to give exceptional care and red carpet service to our children and their families. We realize that your child is your most valuable asset. We also realize that these are the most formable years of a child's life. Therefore, our aim is to provide an environment that helps promote healthy minds and bodies.

Choosing who and where your child will spend their day with is one of the most imperative decisions a parent will ever make. At Red Carpet Kids, we understand your child's health, safety and academic achievement are our parent's main concerns. There is much to say about what set us apart from other learning centers. For starters, we are not a franchise, but an independently owned child care center. We provide maximum care for all of our children as if they were our own enrolled at our school - and some of them are. If you have any issues or special requests, they may be brought right to the director who is on site. Our comprehensive early childhood education programs, providing children with stimulating activities and a structured daily classroon schedule, begin from infancy until your child is ready to go off to kindergarten. Once your child has begun elementary school, they can still continue attending with us for aftercare.

We encourage you to come to our childcare center and see what we have to offer in terms of facilities, curriculum and more.