and Out Upon Arrival and Departure

The safety and well-being of every child in our care is our number one priority. Parental sign-in and out sheets are placed in every classroom to help monitor the supervision of all children daily. Please note that anyone may be asked to provide a picture identification at any time during pick-up if not recognized by our staff members.

Licensing/Health and Safety Requirements

Please view our licensing information which can be found posted in the entrance of our center along with our center’s discipline policy of children. In addition, our center has been certified by the Department of Health and Human Services of Bloomfield and the Bloomfield Fire Department. All up to date certifications may be found either at the entrance of our facility or hanging in the main office. Our center is also free from unsafe products as per the Department of Law and Public Safety and Division of Consumer Affairs. The DLPS, DCA, list of unsafe children’s product is available at Internet access may be available at your local library. For additional information about the list, call the DLPS, DCA, toll free at 1(800) 242-5846.

First-Aid and Child CPR Certification

Our staff members are first aid and CPR certified. There will be at least one staff member who is certified at all times during our hours of operation. Staff training is held at our facility during the month of November to obtain the newest first aid information for all staff members who have expired certifications.

Fire and Emergency Escape Evacuations

Practice fire drills are conducted on a monthly basis. These drills are practiced so children are aware of where to go during in the event of a fire. Emergency contact numbers for every child may be found with the teacher’s attendance in the event of an evacuation.